Take action in the Power Circle

The Power Circle is a fitness social media platform. It was created, to attract people who want to give, gain and share ways to lead a healthy life. Being part of a community, is one step closer to creating healthy habits for life.

It’s a space for every shape and size to learn how to get fit and healthy and share your fitness journey and discover others who want to do the same.

The truth about fitness is that you need to work to achieve your goals, why do it alone? Invest in a journey programme, share your progress along the way and see the results.

Membership to The Power Circle is FREE and there are journey programmes available to purchase. You can join The Power Circle via buying a journey programme or join for free and take a look around. 

Do you have any questions? Check out the FAQ’s.

Benefits at a glance

These blog posts contain content and are themed around the sections that make up The Power Circle:

  • The Training Circle
  • The Nutrition Circle
  • The Wellbeing Circle

Each vlog post is under 10 minutes long (great for watching whilst you’re doing low impact cardio on the treadmill). Each blog article has a total reading time of 15 minutes or under, which make them a perfect quick commute read, that will inspire you to make healthy lifestyle changes.


Add your photo, choose a fancy cover photo and update your bio.

You can join a variety of groups, forums and check out other awesome POWER CIRCLE members.

Use your profile to access The Power Circle fitness blog content.

A searchable exercise video library with over 300 exercises, technique explanations and learn what muscles are used.

All of the exercises detailed in the Power Circle journey programmes, have hyperlinks to videos in the library.

In the Nutrition Circle, there is a link to the Nutrition Circle blog, which covers a range of nutrition topics, including how to prep your meals in advance.

You will get access to a variety of recipes. There’s no need to search a blog to find the recipe content, the recipes are blog-free with a few sentences on why it’s an awesome recipe, along with a link to store on your MyFitnessPal.


The Power Circle’s journey programmes provide a structured and progressive approach, some are available to sign up today or add to your existing free membership.

  • The Muscle Gainer Programme

There’s no need for you to save those workouts you see on instagram (yep, I’m talking about those ones that you haven’t had a chance to do yet). Instead, all the planning work has been done for you, all you have to do is to follow the programme, and there’s videos from the exercise library to help you along the way.

Know your goals, choose your programme and begin your journey on getting stronger and fitter.  

Programmes are easy to follow in a course format with clear explanations and fun interactions. These programmes will help you discover how to push yourself and self-regulate your training. 


Are your mobility drills taking too long and eating into your lifting and training time?

Are you not very flexible?

Do you hate stretching because it’s uncomfortable?

If the answer is yes, yes and yes, then PowerPrep by P&P is for you. Awesome warm-up, stretch and mobility videos dedicated to the non-flexible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Signed into your account on a browser? Visit the sign up page, where you will see all the membership options. Hit the sign up button and your details will be pre-populated, all you have to do is add your credit/debit card details.

Signed into your account on the app? Leave the app by clicking on the Power & Pole logo and follow the instructions, as detailed above.

The Power Circle programmes are not only designed to improve your fitness power but they are also designed to educate you. The whole point of seeking help, is so you can learn the skills to be free and independent to carry on your newly found fitness habits for life. Plus, once you’re done with your programme, you will remain a Power Circle member for as long as you want!

ALL PROGRAMMES ARE BILLED MONTHLY FOR THE STATED PERIOD. Example: If the journey time is 8 weeks, you will be billed monthly for 2 months. This is taken from the card you used upon signing up.

If you are not sure what programme to choose yet. That’s ok, you can join the Power Circle for free and take a look around first. You can even drop me a message within the community platform and ask all the questions you need to!

This is a community free from adverts, sponsored posts, explore pages. You can ask direct questions and get direct answers. It’s a no fuss information portal which you can add to! This community can provide you with structure and a place where you can interact with other members and have opportunities to meet in person.

You will first need to create an account here, using a browser on your device.

If you already have an account and have forgotten your login details, click on lost/forgotten password in the app.